Emergency Landing Procedures Online Course starts with Emergency Landing Procedures which are Unplanned Emergency Landing / Landing Comments, Planned Emergency Landing, Cabin Preparation, Passenger / Galley / Personal Preparation. The course then focuses on the Evacuation Commands, Chain of Command, ABP (Able Body Person) and Brace Position detailing Cabin Crew Brace Positions and Passenger Brace Positions. The course gives you information about Evacuation Commands Given at the Exits, Initiating an Evacuation and Emergency Equipment. The course is finalized with the section of Survival which gives detailed information about The Factors that Effect Survival, Evacuating the Aircraft, Survival Outside, Basic Principles of Survival Outside, Protection, Location, Rescue Symbols, Water, Water Sources, Food, Food Sources, Enviromental Health Hazards, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke,Injuries, Hypotherma, Frost Bite, Animal Dangers, and Sea Survival Techniques. This course meets all state authority regulations. Courses are constantly monitored and updated when major changes in authority documentation is released.