Our Learning Management System is currently the primary method of implementing elearning into the Aviation industry.

The LMS is designed to help you manage your elearning process in the most effective way. It offers an environment that will help you reach a more effective education where you can make course assignments to your users, easily follow the status of the assignments and make the necessary changes.

The LMS is compliant with SCORM standards, and supports desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the Flyco application, mobile training is also supported. The system is compatible with IOS, Android and Apple Watch.

While the courses can be learned online, the system also allows the lessons to be downloaded to the mobile devices using our application and to be learned offline.

  • Extensive courseware library
  • Online/Offline (Flyco Application) Learning
  • Compliant with many file formats (Scorm 3.4./2004, Pdf, Mp4, Ms Office)
  • Batch course assignments and management
  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Advanced report system and customizable reports
  • Licence auto-track
  • The Dashboard allows you to closely monitor the overall elearning progress of the company and the user-friendly interface enables you to navigate through the system. By choosing your widgets, you can customize the panel and access the information you need more quickly and effectively.


Under the Courses title, you can access our extensive courseware library that will meet your needs for aviation elearning. Since our LMS is compatible with Scorm, it allows you to upload your Scorm packages as courses. You can also create your own courses without using any tools.

The system enables you to create customized question pools with different types of questions and assign them to your users by turning them into exams. It offers you the flexibility of choosing between the examination types such as; Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks and Drag and Drop. It also allows you to identify and correct deficiencies in your users’ knowledge in order to improve your training process and increase its effectiveness. Since our Advanced report system is fully integrated with our LMS, you can easily access the exam results and incorrect answers of your users and obtain statistical evidence about the effectiveness of your training.

The LMS facilitates your aviation elearning process by offering you the chance to organize course schedules according to the needs of user types.

Licence Auto-Track is a built-in feature that automatically tracks the expiry dates of users and sends reminders to users via emails and notifications. After the course is completed, the expiry dates are automatically updated according to the course schedules set in accordance with your education process.This system provides convenience for you by following the license expiry dates by itself.

When users complete the required courses, their certificates are created automatically by the system. Certificates can be customized for you depending on your request. Certificates can be issued at the end of each course or as a single certificate at the end of a course group you specify.


You don’t need any tools to create your own course in Flyco Lms. The user-friendly interface makes it very easy to create a course in a couple of minutes by using video files. The system enables you to:

  1. Upload slides
  2. Add subtitle with several language options
  3. Assign to users
  4. Track and manage.


In the Assignments section, our LMS allows you to assign courses to a specific user or a group of users easily. It enables you to assign the courses you choose from the extensive courseware library to your users by making use of many assignment options. You can also assign the course packages and course categories created according to your needs to your users with batch assignments. The assignment system offers you the flexibility of adding, updating , re-scheduling and removing courses from the accounts of users.


Our Online Classroom system allows you to increase the effectiveness of aviation elearning by giving you the chance to schedule online training sessions. Since it is fully integrated with our LMS, you can easily track the data of our Online Classroom system and access the reports from our report system.


Exam events enable your users to participate in the exam within a certain period of time that you will allow by creating exam events. It allows simultaneous participation in the exam, as in real life Classrooms. Since it is fully integrated with our Online Classroom system, it is possible for our users to pass the exam directly at the end of the online course.Thanks to our Advanced Report Server, you can access detailed reports of all your exam events.


The LMS enables you to upload documents(PDF) and videos(MP4) to assign your users’ accounts to improve the training efficiency. The user views of the shared content can be easily monitored from the report system.


Flyco LMS allows you to send reminders and notifications to your users according to the information in the course schedules adjusted to your needs. Under the Notifications title, you can view and track all emails and notifications sent to your users by the system.