Airplane Security Procedures Online Course starts with an overwiev of definitions & terms and Controlling Documents. The course then focuses on Different Level of Threats & Actions including threat levels from 1 to 4. The course also includes Sabotage and Bomb Threat Sections detailing Action by person receiving a bomb threat call, Bomb threat on ground & in-flight. Dealing with Chemical & Biological Weapon (CBW) title is another section where Aerosol CBW with Activation, CBW Threats in Cabin-without activation, CBW threats in cargo compartment, suspicious substance & packages sub-titles are discussed. The Airplane Security Procedures course also looks at Hijack Procedures ;hijacker profile, stage of hijack. The course is finalized with Aircraft Security Procedures section explaining Airplane under crew supervision, Security Briefing, Cabin Check Prior to Flight, Flight Crew Compartment Access Procedures and Airplane not under crew supervision. A short summary is presented for you at the end of the course. This course meets all state authority regulations. Courses are constantly monitored and updated when major changes in authority documentation is released.