Boeing 777 Online Course for Cabin Crewmember starts with an Introduction and principle dimensions of the aircraft. The course then focuses on Cabin Layout, Strechers, Passenger Seating, Doors & Slides, Attendant Switch Panels. The course also covers Cabin Management System (CMS) with an emphasis on Cabin System Control Panel, Cabin Control Area Panels, Lighting Menu, Cabin Lighting, CMS Messages for Non-normal Conditions, Function Lock-out Messages, Galley / Lavatory/ Reading / Work / Closet Lights. Emergency Lighting, Communications, Emergency Oxygen System, Cockpit Description, and Lavatories are also addressed in the course. Galleys, Overhead Cross-Aisle Stowage (OCAS), Crew Rest Compartments (FCRC/UDCR) and Emergency Procedures are other topics which are discussed in the course. This course meets all state authority regulations. Courses are constantly monitored and updated when major changes in authority documentation is released.