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There are some different units which are commonly used in aviation. That is why the conversions especially between volume, mass and density given in those different units should be known by all pilots and others who work within flight operations and maintenance. These conversions are found in the ICAO document, CAP 697 and a lot of other relevant documents whenever necessary. The volume units are measured in either imperial gallon or US gallon. One imperial gallon is exactly 4.546092 litres, whereas one US gallon is 3.785412 litres. Weight is usually measured in pounds (lbs) and is a unit of mass in imperial and US unit systems. A pound is defined as 0.45359237 kilograms. The unit for density is expressed in kg/m3 but the imperial units are lb/ft3. Pounds per cubic foot are used as a measure of density in the US. One pound per cubic foot is 16.01846 kg per cubic meter. Courses are constantly monitored and updated when major changes in authority documentation is released.

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    • Pre-Flight Fuel Planning For Commercial Flights / Taxi Fuel
    • Trip Fuel
    • Reserve Fuel And Its Components /
    • Extra Fuel
    • Calculation Of Total Fuel And Completion Of The Fuel Section Of The Navigation plan (Fuel Log)
    • Specific Fuel Calculation Procedures / Decision Point Procedure
    • Isolated Aerodrome Procedure
    • Pre-Determined Point Procedure
    • Fuel Tankering