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When checking that ground facilities and services required for the planned flight are available and adequate, two main documents should be used: the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and the Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs). The AIP is a publication issued by or with the authority of a state. The AIP includes three main sub-sections: general, en-route and aerodromes. In the first section, some differences in flight regulations, meteorological services and search & rescue information are given. Full details of restricted airspace and navigation aids are covered in the second section. The third section includes the data, layouts & approaches for all aerodromes. An AIP is kept up-to-date by regular revisions on a fixed cycle. A NOTAM may be created and transmitted by any government agency or aerodrome operator to alert pilots of some hazards or critical situations such as air-shows and parachute jumps, closed runways, inoperable radio navigational aids, or military exercises. A NOTAM is published using all upper case letters and its first line contains the NOTAM identification and the type of operation. The ”Q” line holds information about who the NOTAM affects. The ”A” line is the ICAO code of the affected aerodrome or FIR. The ”B” line contains the start time and date of the notice. The ”C” line determines the finish time and date of the NOTAM. Sometimes additional lines may be present in any NOTAM. Courses are constantly monitored and updated when major changes in authority documentation is released.

Content of the Course

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    • Departure, Destination And Alternate Aerodromes
    • Airway Routings And Airspace Structure
    • Meteorological Briefing / Extraction And Analysis Of Relevant Data From Meteorological Documents
    • Update Of Navigation Plan Using The Latest Meteorological Information:
    • Update Of Mass And Balance
    • Update Of Performance Data
    • Update Of Fuel Log
    • Point Of Equal Time (Pet) And Point Of Safe Return (Psr) / Point Of Equal Time (Pet)
    • Point Of Safe Return (Psr)