What is CBTA in DGR?

What is CBTA in DGR?

Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) is the new approach to training by ICAO. IATA also has adopted the new system. And here we are ready to start a new Era in DGR training without any categories. The new guidance document (Dangerous Goods Training Guidance Edition 1) is the practical guide for the industry players to develop their training framework following the current provisions on competency-based training and assessment.

No categories!

A simple code “CAT10” was a universal code for very specific training. Table 1.5 A is no more valid. The employer is responsible for ensuring employees are competent to perform the functions they are assigned to and must therefore ensure that training programs are designed to accomplish this.

New terms

Competency-Based Training and Assessment Concepts, Competency Factors, CBTA Components, CBTA Workflows, and many other new terms and definitions are in force. IATA has published “Dangerous Goods Training Guidance” explaining all the processes and procedures.

FLYCO is ready!

FLYCO has already adopted all the content in line with ICAO-Doc10147 and IATA – Dangerous Goods Training Guidance. Customization as per your assessment and company needs is possible. Being flexible and continuous development is the new way of training.